In 2015, Bex Caputo and Kate Sloan finally met in person at a sex bloggers’ retreat, after quietly creeping each other’s blogs and tweets forever. Our connection was instant, but it wasn’t fully cemented until we had an impromptu threesome with a mutual friend at the Playground Conference a few months later. Chatting sexual ethics and penis preferences over mac and cheese that night, it became abundantly clear that we were brain twins, best friends, and total sex nerds.

   Bex and KateBex and KateBex and Kate

We started the Dildorks podcast because we’re bored of media that depicts sex as “naughty,” mysterious, gross, indecent, or self-explanatory. We believe sex is endlessly fascinating and that there’s always more to talk about and think about, if you keep digging and stay curious. Our sexual journeys have led us through countless kinks, experiences, and self-discoveries, and we’re excited to keep growing as sex nerds and as people!

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Bex Caputo is a sex educator, blogger, speaker, and professional dildo peddler. Their blog, BexTalksSex, has been ranked on Kinkly’s top 100 sex bloggers for two consecutive years as a source for sex toy reviews, how-tos, navel gazing, and tales of weird things they’ve put in their vag. They have been a proud and undeniable kinkster ever since they insisted on being served their meals in a dog bowl at the age of 8, and even before that, probably. Bex is a Virgo, a Hufflepuff, a masochistic pup, and a genderqueer nerd who has finally grown into the pop punk skater boi of their high school dreams.

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Kate Sloan is a journalist, blogger, speaker, and singer/songwriter. Her writing about sex, kink and relationships has appeared in Everyday Feminism, Bitch Flicks, the Establishment, the Plaid Zebra, and xoJane, among others. Her blog, Girly Juice, has earned her a place on a’s list of Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes for four years running. She has guest-hosted talk show Sex City Radio, moderated a panel at porn conference Smut in the 6ix, and taught writing at various sex blogging events. She’s a Taurus, a Ravenclaw, an ISFJ, and a queer poly princess.

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