Episode 1: Who the Dork Are You?

Who The Dork Are YouIn our inaugural episode, we discuss our sex superhero origin stories, our first memories of each other, and the weekend that cemented our friendship. We get real gross when we talk about why this friendship is different from any other we’ve had and what it means to be #BrainTwins. We also introduce our first segment, Fuck This/Fuck Yea, where we discuss things we’ve loved and things we’ve hated that week.

Sweden Manatees, Sex is Fun, Hey Epiphora, Dangerous Lilly, DildoHoliday, Playground Conference, Emergency Threesomes, TMSG Podcast with Bex’s Story, #ThingsIdOnlyTellYou, Slut accomplishments, Hogwarts Houses, Smitten Kitten Tank, People who are bad at poly, Sex Parties, Sexual Tension

The Dildorks Episode 1: Who The Dork Are You?

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The Dildorks


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