Episode 10: Peach Emoji Eggplant Emoji Water Droplets

This week we get into the nuts and bolts of sextual communication! We discuss our sexting origins, the sext etiquette we wish everyone would follow, and the best and worst sexts we’ve ever received. We also weigh in on controversial issues like emojis, autocorrect mistakes, and the benefits of read receipts.

Furcadia | Runescape | Princess | Strongman Finger | Social Intelligence | Yes, And… | Sexting as Negotiation | Sexting and Anxiety | A-Spot | Getting Your Partner’s Cheat Codes | Etiquette | Read Receipts | Initiating Sexting | Stone Crop | Proofreading Sexts | Word Choices | Emojis | Is That An Order? | Threesome Dreams | Smuggling a Potato

Episode 10: Peach Emoji Eggplant Emoji Water Droplets

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The Dildorks

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