Episode 11: Selfies & Dick Pics & Nudes, Oh My!

Sexting isn’t all hot commands and flowery prose: there’s a visual element too! This week we pontificate on sexy selfies. What makes for an exceptional nude? Why are dick videos superior to dick pics? And why did we once snap a boob selfie together on a rainy highway in Wisconsin? Tune in for the naked truth!

Trust & Vulnerability | Smiles | Disembodied Torsos | Strap-On & Wink | Selfie Sticks | Butt Selfie Tips | Selfie Yoga | Signature Poses | MySpace Angles | Suz’s Butt | Artificial Cleavage | Renaissance Painting Nudes | Boner Through Underwear | Jeans Unbuttoned | “Cute Boys” Folder | Critique My Dick Pic | Hand For Scale | Dick Videos | Consent | Slow-Mo J.O. | Inanimate Sexy Pictures | The Boss Fight of Nudes | Reacting to Nudes | Slut-Shaming | Dicks in Blankets | “I Found a Fork!” | Snapchat | Pornkémon

Episode 11: Selfies & Dick Pics & Nudes, Oh My!

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The Dildorks


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