Episode 12: Spank You Very Much


It’s time for us to talk smack about smackin’! We both love being spanked, and in this episode we explain why, how, and how much. Let us regale you with tales of Bex’s birthday spanking party, Kate’s mid-bang spanking lesson, and the saddest paddlin’ either of us has ever participated in. We also tell you our favorite toys to hit people and get hit with! (Content note: this episode contains a minute-long discussion of self-harm at the 37:30 mark, and mentions bruises throughout.)

Early Morning Podcasting | Rainbow Bagels | #BirthdayBruises | Teaching Vanilla Boyz to Spank | 1-10 Scale | Suz | Face-Sitting | Platonic Spanking | Tantus Pelt | Good-Dick Garbage-Human | Punishment vs. Reward vs. Service | Tinder Tops | Gateway Kink | Chicago Diners | “That Girl on NCIS” | Ducky Doolittle | Sadists | Subspace | Kinkmergency | Enthusiasm | Mental Health | The Saddest Spanking Party | Bruises on a Bus Ride | Jillian Keenan | Bruises | Spit Scene: Good Girl | Pervertables | Sex with Shakespeare | Bible Paddle | Lolita | Book of Erotic Fantasy | Stay Paddle | Leather and Lattes | Stone Crop | Taylor J Mace | Kink Machine Works | Lexan Paddle | Rubber Paddle | Hairbrush Spankings | Billiard Banger | Leather Jack

Episode 12: Spank You Very Much

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