Episode 13: Swipe Right For Disappointment

img_5520OkCupid and Tinder are garbage fires, but occasionally you can find a diamond in the trash heap. In this episode, we give you the low-down on online dating: our favorite sites, our successful and not-so-successful dates, and our best tips for better matches. Plus, find out how Bex managed to have a threesome on a first date, and why Kate’s one-night stand from Minneapolis sent her an apology a month later.

Tinder vs. OkCupid | South Park | Show, Don’t Tell | Compatibility Percentages | The End of Tinder | You Should Message Me If… | Conversation Starters | Obscure References | Kink Hints | Manic Pixie Dream Bean | Sex-Nerd Chats | Fizzling Out | An Excess of Cis Dudes | First-Date Threesome | Long-Term Ex | Unfeminist Ex | The Uber of Sex | “Makeouts, Etc.” | Proofread Your Shit | Tutu to the Symphony | First-Message Formula | Pet Names | Commonalities | Tinder Guys With Tigers | Swipe Right For Dogs | Group Shots | Ace Ventura | Queer Apps | Social Media As Motivation

Episode 13: Swipe Right For Disappointment

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