Episode 16: Jerking Hard, or Hardly Jerking?

file_000How did we come so far (and so many times!) without talking about masturbation?! In this episode we wax poetic about whackin’ off. Find out how we fumbled our way to our first orgasms, what we fantasize about mid-wank, and what Mr. Incredible has in common with a Hitachi Magic Wand.

Jerking Off | Elbow Sex | God’s Plan | Religious Fisting | How Many Fingers? | Homejerk | Puberty Book | Extra-Long Baths | There’s That Hole! | Hot Dog Bun | Glass Dildo | Mustang, Maverick & Uncut | A-Spot | Tantus Tsunami | The Incredibles | Time Crunch | Shopping While Hungry | Being Walked In On | Sex Playlists | Eroscillator | Interruptions | Masturbation Vs. Partnered Sex | Non-Linear Fantasies | Double Trouble | Exhibitionism | Liberator Throe | Sexting | Sex Shops

Episode 16: Jerking Hard, or Hardly Jerking?

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