Episode 17: Whisper Tweet Nothings

Our hearts are all a-twitter over the fine art of social media flirting! In this episode, we share tips for communicating interest in timeline posts and tweet-sized chunks. Find out why Bex loves giving flirting advice, how Kate met her fave FWB on Twitter, and why tweet-liking is our favorite secret flirt code.

Pungle Cruise | Flirting Mind Palace | Courtesy Swipes | Dr. Nerdlove | Facebook Flirting | Strategic Tweet-Faving | Sliding Into DMs | Creeping Selfies | Adding Value | Read the Room | Conversation Skills | Red October | Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies | Creepy vs. Direct | “Is This a Good Time to Flirt With You?” | Self-Deprecating Humor | Flirt Fetishist | Oversexualization | Uber Eats Driver | Yes, That’s the Joke | Subtweeting | “Utterly Smokingly Hot” | Pigtail Patterns | Puppies!!!

Episode 17: Whisper Tweet Nothings

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