Episode 18: Orgasms ‘n’ Outrage

img_5981Ever wonder which sex toy marketing trends we want to light on fire and banish to hell? In this episode we rant about the toy-marketing tropes that really rustle our jimmies. Find out which companies we hate, which ones we admire, and why a penis tuxedo provoked the ire of sex toy reviewers worldwide.

Sex Toy Retail | JeJoue MiMi Soft | Picobong H8erz | Gendered Lube | Big Manly Dildos | Dehumanizing Language | Fleshlights | Butch Fun | Loki Wave | Womanizer | Lelo Pino | Hot Octopuss Pulse | Cobra Libre | Grungy, Sleazy Sex | “Better Than The Real Thing” | Topco’s “Fucked” Line | Problematic Kinks | Infomercial Products | Racial Fetishization | Dick Tux | Sensual Tux Man | Lifestyles Tuxedo Condoms | Orgasm Guarantees | Satisfyer | Pure Wand | “Innovation” | Lelo Condoms | Little Chroma | We-Vibe & L’Amourose | Magic Wand Rechargeable | Funkit Toys | PicoBong Transformer

Episode 18: Orgasms ‘n’ Outrage

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