Episode 206: For Crying Out Loud

Crying is good for the soul, but did you know it can also be good for the libido? This week we’re discussing the kinky appeal of crying: cathartic sadomasochism, dacryphilia, emotional sex, and more!
Other Catharses | Health Benefits | Masculinity & Vulnerability | That’s a Thing?! | Sadism & Emotional Topping | Emo Aesthetic | Ruining Something Beautiful | Sensual Pleasure | Feeling Cute | Good vs. Bad Crying | Sadness | Crying-Focused Scene | Bursting Into Tears | Runny Makeup | Unicorn Tears | Mezcal Negroni | Sixth Hour | Negotiation | Therapeutic vs. Therapy | Secrets | Tears in Sex | Medical Play | What to Do | Feeling Guilty | #BirthdayBruises

Episode 206: For Crying Out Loud

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