Episode 24: Use Your Nerds

This week we’re joined by our buddy Brent “Brentalfloss” Black, game dev, YouTuber, and podcaster extraordinaire! We found out what sex jokes he had to cut from his forthcoming party game, which sex toys he hates, and what celebrity impressions he likes to do during sex.

Trends Like These | Sex Nerds | Pavlovian Arousal | Dildos | Jar of Horrors | Use Your Words | Censoring Jokes | Clit Humor | Punching Up | Taylor J. Mace | Impressions | SoloFlesh | Cobra Libre | Sex Enchantress | Shitty Games | Giggly Sex | Sister Christian | Sex Criminals | Sex-Nerd Homework | Fruit Bowl

Episode 24: Use Your Nerds

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The Dildorks

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