Episode 27: G Marks the Spot

Today we discuss the much-debated G-spot! Why does Bex find big muscles hot? Why do Kate’s partners not even know where her G-spot is? And how do we deal when we unexpectedly squirt all over everything?

Prehensile G-Spot | Is It a Thing? | Magic Button | Clit Stim | Squirting & Spurting | Pelvic vs. Pudendal Nerve | Emotional Bonding | A-Spot | Njoy Eleven | Pure Wand | NobEssence Seduction | Fling | Mustang | Maverick | Comet Wand | Hard & Fast | Muscles | Jimmyjane Form 4 | Liberator Throe | External G-Spot | Sexual Debuts

Episode 27: G Marks the Spot

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