Episode 279: Professor Pervert, Esq.

The names and titles we use in bed (or in the dungeon) can really affect how we feel about our partners and ourselves. This week we’re discussing kinky honorifics: the ones we use, the ones we don’t use, and the advice we have for other kinksters who are horny for honorifics.

What Are Honorifics? | Affectionate Nicknames | Daddy | Princess, Etc. | Pet | Daddy, Again | Honorific Exclusivity | Queering “Daddy” | Non-Monogamy | Equivalents to “Daddy” | Finding Titles | Yes/No/Maybe List | Non-Gendered Honorifics | Introducing New Ones | Premature Honorifics | M/s Language | Mollena Williams-Haas’ Risk Story

Episode 279: Professor Pervert, Esq.

The Dildorks

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