Episode 30: What Mood, Dude?

Why are people so terrified of “ruining the mood” during sex? This week, we investigate alleged mood-ruiners, like consent conversations, technique criticism, and laughter. Spoiler alert: if the mood is good, it’s hard to ruin!

Silent Sex | Hard Conversations | Yes, And… | And Then What? | Laughing | Consent | Redirects | Princess | Safer Sex | Reid Mihalko’s Elevator Speech | Escalation | Compliment Sandwich | Positive Feedback | Check-Ins | Bad Music | The “Gloopy” Story | Body-Shaming | Gender Weirdness | Take the Leap | Phone Calls | Pre-Negotiation | “Did I Say You Could Stop?” | Labels

Episode 30: What Mood, Dude?

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The Dildorks

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