Episode 304: Natural Kinklinations

How do our kinky tendencies affect other areas of our lives? This week Kate and her spouse mb discuss how dominance, submissiveness, toppiness and bottominess can manifest in not-directly-kinky situations.

“Daddy” Song | Dominant Tendencies | Submissive Tendencies | Advice & Guidance | Dark Side | Dating Vanillas | Making Better Decisions | A Doll’s House | Historical Lack of Knowledge | “Tradwife” Movement | Topping Tendencies | Stand-Up Comedians | Bartenders | TikTok Wood Chopper | Magicians | Vanilla(-Ish) Tops | Kinky Flirting | Switching | Cocktail-Domming | Balance | Bottom Guilt | Bottom Skills | Positive Reinforcement

Episode 304: Natural Kinklinations

The Dildorks
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