Episode 335: Sublime Submission

We’re so excited this week to be chatting with Mollena Lee Williams-Haas, a kink educator, podcaster, author, and performer. We got into a fascinating discussion about how kink can help you reconnect with your body, deepen your intimacy, push your boundaries and heal from your trauma.

Kink Doula | Reconnecting with the Body | Group Sex | Sustaining 24/7 Dynamics | Being the Bad Guy | Aftercare | Slavery (29:00–31:15) | Panda & HypnoStory’s Hypnokink 101 Class | Pushback from the Community | Having Nuanced Conversations | Where Do Kinks Come From? | Star Trek | Race Play & Racism (48:38–52:38) | Kink as Play | The Prime Directive | Having “No Limits”

Episode 335: Sublime Submission

The Dildorks
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