Episode 4: Gender? I Hardly Know ‘er

14642708_1687936654857255_1222399464_nCW: Hey y’all, Bex talks a bit about some of the times they’ve been misgendered and had to deal with some other casual bullshit in this episode. If that’ll be hard for you to hear, take care of yourselves loves ❤

In this episode your hostfemme and hostbean discuss our gender identities and what they mean to us. We discuss Bex’s gender feels, Kate’s femmeness, and the way cis men impact the way we present.

Segue? So gay! | Sexting | Gender Feels | Pronouns | Bean | Femmes | Skirts and Dresses | Patriarchal Bullshit | Hot Pink Lipstick | Pop Punk Skater Boi | Soft Butch Dykes | Faggy Gay Boys | Cleavagey Shirts | Aggressively Gendering People | Batman Dress | Thrift Store Prom Dresses | Mental Health | CisHet Dudes | Good Girl | Not No… | Girly Girl | Body Hair | Archer | Blue Eyeshadow

The Dildorks Episode 4: Gender? I Hardly Know ‘Er!

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The Dildorks

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