Episode 42: We’re Poly, By Golly!

Ah, the wonderful and complex world of non-monogamy! This week, we get nerdy about polyamory. Find out how we realized monogamy didn’t work for us, which resources taught us about poly, and what the hell we do with all our feeeeelingz.

Polynormativity | Choosing Monogamy | Proto-Kate | Solo Poly | Monogamous Exes | Unnatural Rules | Labels | Freedom | Disclosure | Jealousy | Reid Mihalko | One-Penis Policy | Femme Competition | Orientation vs. Behavior | Dashboard Light | Feeling Feels | Distractions | Scheduling | Pressure | Communication | Life on the Swingset | Opening Up | More Than Two | Jealous Listener | Compersion

Episode 42: We’re Poly, By Golly!

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The Dildorks


One thought on “Episode 42: We’re Poly, By Golly!

  1. Nobilis Reed says:

    There was a brief mention of the idea that poly people are superior, “more evolved,” and the trouble that leads to for people who feel jealousy, etc. at times. I love it when people describe poly as “better for me” and hate it when they describe poly as “better.”


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