Episode 43: Cockoisseurs

Our passion for penises knows no bounds. In this episode, we discuss all things dick: our first schlong sightings, our current criteria for commendable cocks, and our favorite things to do with wangs. This one gets a little porny, folks!

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Episode 43: Cockoisseurs

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The Dildorks


One thought on “Episode 43: Cockoisseurs

  1. Heather says:

    Great episode peeps! An interesting thing to consider – with cut cock being so common in the US I’ve started to realize that it makes me sad. Don’t get me wrong – all Cocks make me happy but with cut cock I can’t let go of that thought in the back of my mind. The thought that what I am seeing is a result of a forced sexual assault on a child. Thanks again America for fucking with my sex life. As lovers of dicks we really need to start thinking about the uncomfortable reality that violating consent becomes part of the unconscious dynamic when we interact with a cut dick. Obviously not the cut dick owners fault but still.


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