Episode 49: The Dom Before the Storm

We’re both pretty subby, but we have some feelz about dominance. Find out the difference between topping and domming, what sex acts make us feel toppy, and what we enjoy about bossing people around.

Topping vs. Domming | Kink-sey Scale | Partner-Dependent | Vanilla Sex | Gender Differences | Suz | Toppy Fantasies | Facesitting | Empathy | Spanking | Fisting Lessons | Caretaking | Overstimulation | Beating the Stigma | Being the Bad Guy | Mental Health | Difficulties | Blindfold | Buddy Comedy | Aftercare | Debriefs | Switching | Performativity | Surprise | Bruise Pictures

Episode 49: The Dom Before the Storm

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The Dildorks


One thought on “Episode 49: The Dom Before the Storm

  1. semkirk says:

    Just finished episode 49. Great show, enjoyed both the banter and the insights into Dom behaviour from two who skew “subby” as you say in the description. I think the buddy movie (per the Q at Woodhull) is definitely a thing for the future. The only Q – will you play yourselves or not and if not, which actors do you want for the starring roles?? 🙂


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