Episode 65: Fornix Rising

We’re bringing our A-spot A-game this week to talk about the little-known anterior fornix erogenous zone! Find out how we discovered this spot, how we like ours touched, and what toys work best for this task.

UTI | A Vs. G | Dr. Chee Ann’s Study | Vixen Outlaw and Maverick | “Press Here For Orgasm” | Length Fantasies | Instructing Partners | Fingerbanging | Cervix | Orgasms | Overstimulation | Firm Vs. Squishy | Double Trouble | Snake Dick | Perfect Dick | The Dildork | Straight Men | Size Anxiety | Half-Asleep | Standard Glass S-Curve | Glamour Piece | 2nd Clit


Episode 65: Fornix Rising

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The Dildorks


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