Episode 7: Can You Handle This?

Can You Handle This?Hand jobs aren’t just for high schoolers! In this episode Bex and Kate discuss all the reasons they love hand sex, some of their favorite hand sex stories, and their hand sex fantasies. Find out all the places they’ve been fingered (and want to be), why, once again, Kate has clit opinions while Bex cares very deeply about their g-spot, and the reasons they both so desperately want to be fisted.

Eye Contact | Public Hand Sex | B99 Fan Fiction | Magic Wand Rechargable | Musician’s Fingers | Kate’s Clit is a Diva | A-Spot | Internal Clit | Dirty Talk | Orgasm Control | Wrestling the Little Monster | Good Girl | Fisting | Microflex Gloves | Sliquid Soul | Southern Butter | Good For Her | Pjur Lube | Uberlube | Funkit Signet | We-Vibe Tango | Crave Bullet | Hello Touch | Rainbow Paddles | Reid Mihalko | Tristan Taormino | Escalator Model | Sex Down South

The Dildorks Episode 7: Can You Handle This?

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The Dildorks

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