Episode 70: Reid the Room

(NOTE: We’ve opted to leave this episode up because we still think the info in it is valuable – but we have heard the recent accusations levelled against Reid, and we believe them. We’ll discuss this in more detail next week.)

We were so excited to talk to one of our fave sex educators this week, Reid Mihalko! He’s a communication mega-nerd like us, so we discussed flirting, consent, body language, and more.

Sex Geek T-Shirts | Shame Literacy | Family Dynamics | Shame Party | Sluts vs. Musicians | Marvel Comics | Safer Sex Elevator Speech | Difficult Conversation Formula | Speed-Flirting | Embrace the Awkward | Power Disparities | Meta-Communication | Body Language | 50 Hot Ways to Ask For Consent | The Truth | Racism | Ruining the Mood | Dating Newbies | Wine Glass


Episode 70: Reid the Room

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