Episode 9: EnthusiASStic

What what, in the butt?! Bex and Kate talk about that not-so-taboo-anymore taboo, butt stuff. We regale you with first-time anal sex tales, debate the merits of planned anal versus the spontaneous approach, and enthuse about butts ad nauseum (duh). We also rep our favorite anal toys, lubes, and ways of integrating kink into butt stuff. And, surprise: we both wore butt plugs throughout the recording of this episode!

Asshole Politicians | Diving Into Butts | Pure Plugs | Sex Toy Semantics | Marijuana Changes Lives | G-Spot Comparisons | Mr. Universe | #DPursuit | “Naughty” & Taboo | Anal on the First Date | Vibe Pairings | Enemas | Oreos & Coffee | Pain & Pleasure | Planned vs. Spontaneous | Post-Sex Eats | Doin’ Stuff to Other People’s Butts | Super Gay | Sex-Nerd Brain | Tantus Uncuts and Ryder | Cam Shows | Lelo Bob | Fuze Plugs | Best Friend Butt Plugs | Uberlube & Sliquid | The Buttsex Cowboy | Small-Town Lube Shopping | Tinder Dudes | “Njoy Your Day!” | Thigh Tattoos | Butt Counterpoint

Episode 9: EnthusiASStic

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The Dildorks


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