Episode 275: No Pain, No Gain

This week we’re delighted to chat with Leigh Cowart, the author of one of our favorite recent books, Hurts So Good: The Science & Culture of Pain on Purpose! We discuss sexual and nonsexual masochism, some of the brain science behind pain, and the process of writing their incredible book.

Hurts So Good | Recording the Audiobook | The Origins of Masochism | Sexual vs. Nonsexual | Lightbulb Moment | Hot Peppers | Polar Plunge | Hot Ones | Being Witnessed | Hook Suspension | Physiological Predisposition | Learning to Like Pain | Arousal & Pain | Focus | Pain Processing Techniques | Psychedelics | Subspace | Emotional Pain | Post-Fifty Shades | Spanking with Our Books

Episode 275: No Pain, No Gain

The Dildorks

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